a very short “love” affair

So some people are not the same in their writing as in real life? Huh. Good to know.

Last Thursday

January 28 – March 12: A very short, very boring love affair 

Of course I’m talking about The Writer. It took six weeks and two days to have one phone conversation. 

The whole relationship consisted of me falling in love with words on a blog. 

You can read the back and forth we had here. It wasn’t great. I mean I was great but he wasn’t that fun. Like ever. He never texted to try and get to know me. He just responded to me but I kept thinking wait until he “meets” me on FaceTime and then he’ll at least want to get to know me. 

The last thing I told you was that he didn’t call or text Sunday when the “virtual date” was supposed to happen. He apologized Monday and asked for Wednesday. I wasn’t sure I wanted to respond but curiosity of course, that writer’s curiosity to just have one convo. 

I texted back 30 hours later, was so proud of myself, late Tuesday, and said my avail time on Wednesday THAT HE HAD ASKED FOR. 

On Wednesday he texted and said he was busy all night. I do not know why he asked for Wednesday if he was busy. 

He asked for Thursday and I said fine. But I at least gave him a little salt. 

He had texted that he “should” be available Thursday after 5:30. 

I said. “I’ve finally met someone busier than I am! After 5:30 it is! I do see that you say ‘should’ be available.”

He texted back immediately (winning!), “Well between running a company and dealing with other manner of life events, I’m on the go!” 

Seriously. He’s not the Pope; either you want it or you don’t. Be honest if you don’t. 

I’ll be fine honey. 

He texted at 6 to say he could talk in 30. 

I texted an hour later to say I was ready when he was. 

He called immediately. 

It wasn’t even fun. 

He is handsome and I think a nice person (which may be the problem, explain in a minute), and his place looked super gorgeous behind his head, like nice architecture. 

We talked for 27 minutes about family, work, food and travel. But it was just blah. 

It felt as if it had been pulling teeth to have this one phone call so I felt pressure to show that I was awesome in that one phone call. 

Fuck that. 

We exchanged sibling information. I told him about my kids. I knew about his from the blog but should have asked I suppose? It’s hard to know. I told him where I grew up and how and about my parents. I also told him about a recent life decision to drop grad school which I’m going to write a post about.

Perhaps I talked too much. I don’t know. 

What killed me, or my interest, was that I could see in his glasses that he was looking at his laptop during the Facetime, at least three times. Some people I’ve told think this is a sort of normal thing but it is not to me. 

I was approaching this as a first “date/meetup.” If some dude was distracted by his phone on a date it would piss me off, same with this to me. 

After six weeks of hullabaloo you can’t be off your computer for 27 minutes to have a conversation? 

That screams asshole. Or shy person? 

Or nice guy. 

One who didn’t want someone out there thinking he was a jerk so hey he’ll do the phone call but not actually be a part of it. 

Well problem solved I guess. 

He forgot to write in his blog when he was describing his life that he is addicted to technology. 

Or whatever the problem is. 

I know I’m ridiculous a bit; but I am a word woman all the way. Have to watch that. 


Oh well. 

No harm, no foul. 

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

2 thoughts on “a very short “love” affair

  1. I’m sorry you feel blah about this, and it’s understandable. But I think this is a good life lesson – people are not their writing, their star sign, nor their Myers Briggs profile. They are not even their blog comments! We are all a big mix and those things only show one element of someone. I’d take that experience and move on. You can’t equate a phone or video conversation to a real meeting, and I think he’s just being polite. Multi-tasking on a ‘date’ is not OK. Go back to your search for someone real, who is close by. Good luck, as always.

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