Major Life Decision #2

San Jose del Cabo – Sunrise this morning.

Sometimes a dream is real.

This week

A few years ago I had a dream that was so real. It was night-time. I was walking through my home and all the lights were off but the moon was full and shining so I could see. The kitchen and living room were one big room with a big curving counter dividing the two, adobe walls, tile on the floor, comfy couches in the living area and a rock fireplace. Most distinctive were these gorgeous rafters with something like wisteria hanging down from them.

I glanced through the floor to ceiling windows/glass doors at a small swimming pool/hot tub glowing from the lights inside it. Behind the house was desert landscape, some cacti with mountains not too far in the distance. I felt at peace.

I then walked into the small bedroom to kiss my toddler grandchild good night and hug the parents, one of whom was my child although I’m not sure which because the dream didn’t tell me. They were putting said grandchild to bed. I was so happy.

I woke up and thought, “That is my future.” I felt it so deep.

At the time I tried to find the floor plan online and found something close. I was with Hoppy and told him about it. He was interested because he always said he wanted to live in New Mexico. I knew the landscape looked like that but have never wanted to live there.

It wasn’t New Mexico. It’s Mexico, somewhere near where I am right now, San Jose del Cabo. I recognized the mountains and the landscape yesterday.

Can you believe it? Maybe you can’t. I can.

Like I said that dream was years ago, at least three, maybe more. I never forgot it but it faded until I saw the exact mountains and landscape. Until I fell in love with this area the last two days.

I’d never been here before. I’ve been to Cancun five times and Jamaica twice. I don’t love Cancun (the vibe nor the humidity) but did like Jamaica. Hoppy and I had talked about buying a house at one of them. I thought it would be cool but neither was a “soul” place for me. I just thought the ocean wasn’t a soul place for me.

A soul place is exactly what it sounds like, a place that touches your soul. For me so far it’s New York, Chicago, the Rocky Mountains, Seattle and the Pacific Northwest (which reminds me that I did fall in love with the water back in August last year when I went to stare at Puget Sound every day), Siena and Cinque Terre, Italy; San Francisco. There’s a few more but those come to mind now.

So this is a soul place, this area of Mexico.

I have felt so very happy here by myself walking the ocean. The ocean here isn’t all messed up like Cancun. The resorts don’t rope it off, you can walk for miles. The water splashes up in these gorgeous waves but it’s not like the Pacific side of Cabo where you’ll die if you stick a toe in. No. Here you can walk out quite a ways and it’s less than a foot deep. The water is cool but so nice.

Although I love the PNW and want to live there, I was trying to figure out how to travel during the winter. Even where I live now I get down mentally (possibly Seasonal Affective Disorder) and know I want an escape to sunshine. Decision #1 to be a writer/PR person now gives me flexibility to be somewhere else than Seattle when I want. I now have found a place for a second home and the last part of my dream, a retreat center.

The center has been floating around in my head for five years at least. I’ve told a few people about it. It will be for women, will be empowering, will involve writing. I had thought it would be in Seattle but no, it will be here. One part of it is to have writing retreats for women, especially educators. I want to write grants for it and bring these wonderful teachers here and gift them beach and peace and time to write and share. I’ll run it for profit also of course but there will be free teacher weeks or run on a nonprofit basis at those times.

Pay attention to life. You’ll figure it out if you are listening to Pussy or whatever you wanna call that inner voice.

Catch ya on the flip side bitches (and I say that in the most loving way). 😉

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