Feeling a bit crazy already

There are some things I forgot to mention in my post about the first date with… what shall we name this delectable person… The Masseuse although that’s not what he does now.

So I forgot to mention he set up his goddamn massage table after dinner which was after sex which was after yoga and gave me the best massage folks. I mean he knows what he’s doing. I was naked. He said he’d try to remain professional. I asked why? So he didn’t at the end. Mothahhhh. We had to head back to the bedroom. Hot I tell ya. Hot.

We used olive oil like I told ya and it got on his pillow case a little, new nice pillow cases (wince). The other negative after effect is that my pussy hasn’t had this much action since Cranky Narcissist back in August and we always used buckets of lube to keep things going nicely. Like I said our first three times we didn’t use anything and Pussy got a bit mangled. She had fun but she is in recovery, some serious recovery.

We both want to see each other today but we know we won’t be able to keep our hands off each other so it’s a conundrum cuz she ain’t having any action today, or tomorrow. She felt this way after The Poet a month or so ago and it took a few days. Worth it. Always worth it. 😉

I’m in a bit of trouble here. He’s funny, smart, and sexy. The sex is great with us over the top as good as Cranky Narcissist good, better actually because The Masseuse can kiss (God can this guy kiss). CN would come at me with this open mouth like a cave and I’d try to capture it and make his lips come together 😂. We are both “reformed” rebels meaning we have a bit of trouble maker to us. We are both successful driven people who love what we do and do it well but also leave it at work and have a life too. He loves his kids intensely and does the coolest shit with them. There were two painted birdhouses on his counter that he’d bought for them to have craft time while at his place. The week before they’d made tie-dye shirts. Seriously now. His childhood breaks my heart and that’s all I’m gonna say about that. He’s done so many things in his life so many adventures, has a fucking MBA, damn I like him so very much already.


I know I know. Guard your heart. Be careful. Watch him. See who he is in six weeks. They can all pretend for six weeks. Yeah okay. All that. That is good shit to remember.

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