Olive Oil & the 7-hour first date

I know I know. Only a first date. But still. Damn I like him.

A week or so ago 😉 midnight.

3:30-10:30 and I wasn’t ready to leave. I would have broken my don’t spend the night rule except for one thing.

My cootchie could not handle any more sex.

We didn’t have lube and were using olive oil. Well the first three times we didn’t use anything and it was rough and fun. I’m not used to that first of all and secondly when I had so much sex with Cranky Narcissist last summer we were fully lubed. Don’t knock it till you try it and if you are thinking of making a joke about being over 50, fuck you. I have more sex than you I bet.

And we wouldn’t have been able to keep our hands off each other if I’d stayed. How do I know that? Because we had sex five times in that seven hours. God yes we did.

Let me back up and start at the beginning.

We matched on Tinder. He looked so serious in his photos but his bio said happy hour or yoga so I said, “How about both?” I thought I lost him when I asked if he were married and his thoughts on Trump because it took him a 1 hour to respond. He’s been separated a year and is not a fan of “Chump,” is in fact a Bernie fan. He sent me his number and we texted a bit for a couple of days and he invited me over to show him some yoga. I teased him that I’d show him how to do a downward dog to see if he’d pick up the sexual innuendo. He let it lie. Later he said, “Are you pretty solid on the plan. I don’t wanna go buy a yoga mat if you’re gonna cancel. ” I said I was solid AF and told him I was impressed with his ability to make plans. He said he was solid AF also. We texted a bit about cycling. He does 30 mile trips normally while I’m tooling along at 13 miles for my big day lol. He asked if I’d be staying for dinner or need to be out which I thought was sweet. I said I didn’t NEED to be out and he asked if I might WANT to be out then I told him he was a bit sassy and that I liked it. Okay one more thing about the messages. He actually texted in the morning to be sure we were still on. Love it.

I drive out to his place with my yoga mat and yoga pants and cute tank top with cute sports bra on under my winter coat and a hoodie lol. I’m a bit nervous but probably not as much as I should have been since our first date would be at his house and I’d be teaching him yoga! And a massage and dinner. A lot to be nervous about. But I was just a teeny bit ,not much for some reason.

He lives only 12 minutes from me. He showed me his place and I really liked all his choices of furniture and decor, that clean-lined mid-century stuff. He’s redoing a couple of pieces. I’d been there maybe five minutes and he stuck out his hand to shake mine which made me laugh. He made me laugh a lot actually. Talking was natural and easy. We both talked. And both listened. Amazing.

I leaned over on him to show him some photos on my phone and he said it was nice. Then I showed him how to do some yoga and he was so sweet about it even though I didn’t much know what the fuck I was doing. I can follow a teacher but am not a teacher of yoga lol. I had brought my book to help us though. He was adorable I must say trying to do the poses. I moved him a couple of times. We were laying on our mats talking and I scootched closer to him. I just wanted to be a little closer. He grinned and said, “I see you are off your mat” and I said, “So I am.” Then we kissed. He is a great kisser. The best kind of kisser. Those lips.

I forgot to tell you that he’s freaking hot as all hell. These gorgeous blue eyes, hair that is an actual style (and he admitted to using hair products swoon), greatttttt legs (perfect legs), thin but that bicep pops in different positions, an adorable gap between his teeth and a goddamn dimple in his chin. Shiza. He’s seven years younger.

We kissed then kissed more, then I took my shirt off then he stopped and said something about being on the floor and I said let’s go to your room. So we did. Oh my oh my darlin’s. We are extremely compatible in the bedroom. I told him I don’t like anal. He didn’t care about it. We had the best time. And again. And again. Mmm mmmm mmmm.

Then he cooked steak and broccoli and mushrooms, had cloth napkins and wanted napkin rings for them. OMG. Didn’t want me to help cook, said he had it.

We talked the whole night and it was never awkward, never one more than the other. We began to sort of start staring at each other in awe at some point because it was obviously so great.

I told him my “baggage” which is moving in three years and this blog. He didn’t mind the blog or the “year of sluttery” and thought it was cool. (We’ll see. Prince A thought it was cool the first and only date we had also.) He was sad about me moving but didn’t make a big deal of it and still wants to see me.

You guys. I may be in trouble here. He has kids, like young ones. There ain’t no moving this great dad to Seattle. So do I run away? I don’t want to. But…this one, this one could hurt. I’m not walking away for that. I like him too much already.


keep ya posted

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

3 thoughts on “Olive Oil & the 7-hour first date

  1. I am holding my breath too. This is the kind of experience which is extremely rare. I am sensing your holding of breath and your hope. He seems genuinely amazing, and wow, what stamina. I’ve never had that in a man over 40, never! Does he have any flaws? None that I can pick up.

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    1. When I talked to him about how I’d want a few weeks to month to decide to be exclusive he said if I have a date not to tell him, to just say I was going out with a friend. My sister thought this was concerning and showed a lack of self-confidence. When I said that Cranky Narc and Hoppy had not shown me their true selves for a month and that I’d be taking my time to get to know him he said he loved being compared to other men and was gonna throw up. I set him straight on that one but it concerned me. Other than that, not yet. What do you think?


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