The seester from the same meester

i love you seester

Sunday after talking close to two hours

My sister is my bestie. Even though we don’t get to see each other very much we keep up with one-two hour phone calls once or twice a month.

I was talking with her earlier tonight about The Masseuse and realized how awesome it is, how lucky I am to have her and how fun it is to tell her about the different menz and get her opinion. She can see stuff I can’t see. I’m too close or too infatuated or something. She knew the Cranky Narcissist wouldn’t last; she shows me a perspective I can’t see.

I truly love to pick apart with her why men do the things they do. We can’t figure it all out but it’s fun to try.

She couldn’t stand Prince A, at all. Neither could my gay bestie. I was the only one who liked him. And he didn’t treat me well at all. He even blocked me lol. Coward. So she called that one too.

She didn’t think Zen man sounded that great either and she was right. Again.

We’ve been back and forth about the DJ and it was mentioned on his show, not her name but that we analyzed this shiz together. The main thing we talked about was when he said if we weren’t fucking we weren’t friends. She was heated on that one. She came around and became a sort of DJ fan later after he sent a sweet video on a trip.

She has been my cheerleader through all of it, wants me to figure out my shtuff and be a selfish bitch putting myself first. It’s weird to do that. Very weird.

I call her crying about every six weeks from loneliness or being sick and she encourages me, lifts me up, makes me feel better. One of those calls was back in November when I had bought a ticket to a concert on the Sunday night after T-giving, knowing I’d need a lift in my spirits after that weekend. It was so cold and it was dark and I had taken a nap since I’d get back late and had work the next morning. I was fully dressed and thinking of getting right back in bed and she encouraged me to go. I had the best time.

I called her on the way to Trivia Man’s place, I’ve sent her photos and names and numbers before dates so they’ll at least know who killed me if it happened. Jk. Sort of.

She tore me a new asshole when I thought about going on a second date with a married guy for one-half of a second.

What does she think of The Masseuse? She didn’t like his serious Tinder photos. She did like his silly one he sent me personally. She said The Masseuse and I sounded like those cheesy romantic movies that she doesn’t watch. LOL. She ain’t wrong.

I’m so damn lucky to have her. And I very well know it.

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2 thoughts on “The seester from the same meester

  1. She sounds amazing and you are indeed lucky to have her. Having someone to bounce all of this stuff off is so important. I spread my stuff around between two or three people, and it genuinely helped me stay sane. Yay for your sister, everyone needs someone like that in their life – but not so many have it.

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