The Masseuse: Let the talking begin

Communication is the whole key to anything good I think. And humor. And sexy time. And kindness. Intelligence. Well damnit that’s a lot of stuff.


So I may end up with this guy right? I mean maybe. Who knows? And I’m not wanting to tell his personal business nor do I want to share very personal stories that happen to us but I also want to update you on our progress. So I’m going to share things but not total details.

He invited me over for dinner and I said yes. Then I got freaked out about germs. Now granted this is not a crazy thing right now, not at all. I find it interesting to see the decisions people are making. Some people are still hanging out with family and friends. Some are holed up with a loved one or family. One person I talked to is making “conjugal visits” to women. One friend lives with an RN and posts nightly games and parties. I’m alone. Not even a pet.

We’ve been together twice already this week. He wants to see me. He’s the only person I’m seeing, at all. I live alone and go out to exercise once day. I wash my hands vociferously after getting the mail or exercise or doing laundry. I feel amazing, biked seven miles today.

But regardless of this stuff I didn’t sleep and texted him the next morning that I wasn’t coming to dinner. Looking back I could have been less strident and been a little nicer about it. He was upset. We both didn’t communicate well the whole day. That evening I forced him to Face-Time me. And we talked. He didn’t want to talk. I told him that communication is the only way that this will work. He has this dry sense of humor that I will need to learn if this is gonna work. I said I like to talk things out. He said he didn’t like to talk and thinks the “lamest shit ever.” See? He’s aware of his style and is kind of humorous about it. He’s honest about how he feels and many men aren’t. Well many people aren’t, not just men.

It’s gonna be interesting for sure. He’s got some trust issues I believe and I get that. I’m willing to give him some time to get to know me and see that I say what I mean and mean what I say. But if he can’t see that in a few weeks, there’s not much I can do. I can only be myself, say what I need, and listen to what he needs.

I think some might say it is bad to have an “issue” this early but I don’t think so, yet. I think we are older. We both have baggage. We both know what we want. We both are very enamored and hopeful. I’m not being a “yes” girl so that means that a lot of talking will happen to understand each other.

He’s fairly adorable although he irons his jeans, a forgivable offense. 😉

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