The Masseuse- 22 hours in

Damn it I really really like him, lots.

Wednesday, 10:23 p.m.

So it’s going well. Really really well. 22 hours over five visits in 10 days. That’s more time than I’ve spent with anyone in a year excepting Cranky N, even more than Zen man.

He is my only quarantine person so don’t even give me flack. I’m seeing no one else, no one. I’ve taken a couple of walks with my daughter, and separately with a girlfriend, but we are outside and stay four or more feet away from each other. I don’t gather in groups, I wash my hands well and consistently; I don’t touch my face. He is the only person I’m seeing. In a perfect world I suppose I wouldn’t do that. I’m not perfect. Made my peace with it. He’s more onboard than I was about it.

Okay now that that is out of the way, I can tell you about him.

I went to his house Sunday. We talked for a moment and then got busy. Our sexual compatibility is amazing. He’s a wonderful kisser, oh my oh my. He enjoys my body and I do his. We freaking smile at each other mid-coitus. We are cheesy as fuck. I love it. I’ll tell you. He has my heart already. I’m not telling him that.

We went to the grocery store to get foods Sunday night. He made me laugh so hard twice I did my fling-my-body-forward, hands-on-knees thing I do. He’s adorable. He opened the car door for me, at the grocery store. It wasn’t on his side either lol. Now you know the DJ had those manners but Hillbilly, Hoppy and Cranky only opened my door for dates. Not the grocery store. We sat at the table and ate our grocery store sushi (which was yummy) and talked, comfortably, equally. He has shared some really really rough things about his childhood. I’m amazed at the person he is today, the father, the man.

We sat on the couch looking for a show to enjoy together; we like so many of the same things. He’s a Mad Men fan for freak’s sake. I saw Ozark and asked if he knew a new season had dropped. He turned and excitedly said, “Ohhhh, we could watch together!” So we started it and it was nice sitting by him on the couch laying my head in his lap and holding his hand.

He wanted to “give me one for the road” so we went back in the bedroom before I left.

Tonight he came over and I had said I was going to buy us some pizza from the locally-owned place down the block. I’m trying to support local places at least twice a week. I’d asked him on the phone last night what he had eaten. The man had had pizza like three times.

So I cooked to surprise him. I made turkey, fresh green beans and fried sweet potatoes. He loved it. The sweet potatoes are a fave of mine and I was hoping he’d like them. He raved. Raved about them. Couldn’t believe they were just cooked in olive oil with some salt thrown in.

We moved to the couch after dinner and talked. I told him about Women Who Run With the Wolves and he listened intently all the way through, making a few comments. When he saw how excited I got about it he smiled and loved my joy for this book. It made him happy to see me so happy. We talked about his kids for a bit and his work. Somehow it popped in my head that he was so much like the “Wonder What He’s Doing Right Now” post I wrote back in February. So I got my computer and read it to him. We agreed that it sounded just like him and I told him how I had changed my mindset through Jan/Feb that I would be open to the right man.

I told him I had a much more serious post to read him at some later point and even told him it was called, “Dear Future Love of My Life.” I see I got the name wrong lol; it’s Dear Future Man of My Dreams.” Now lest you think I’m being too too much, he’s right there with me, maybe more so than I am.

Still, I’m open to seeing who and what and how and why he is. I know he could be a great person and I could love him but the compatibility or some other issue could come up that is a no-go. I know that. I’ll be okay if that happens. In fact this will not be an easy thing if he is The Guy. As I said he has young children; obviously would mess with my move to Seattle full-time in three years idea.

But with my new career idea I can be wherever I want, whenever I want.

I suppose it is something I really need to think about isn’t it?

Damn it.

I actually adore having kids around sometimes. I think it could be okay. We could be in Seattle half the time and here half the time. I’m serious! It could work. And San Jose Del Cabo bitches- don’t forget about that.

Okay it’s all good. I’m good. We’re good. I’m not walking away.

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