Four Menz Text In One Day

I didn’t touch them; don’t worry. The man-battical is intact.


#1 Tantric Man from the Ashes

Tantric Man texted. I haven’t seen him since hmmmm late November or early December?

Long time no D.

I was sick, he was sick, then I was kinda over it with him. As I said before he is a five-hour weeknight date and I didn’t want to spend five hours on that. Also he was arrogant, also he had said partner, partner, partner for six months then said “wife” once and I found out he was married. I didn’t mind about that as she knew about me because they are poly. She and I were going to hang out at one point. What I minded was that he hadn’t said they were married. That’s the part that was icky. Then Tantric Man pissed me off a month ago when he sent an email about how special it was they got to quarantine in Florida and have lunch by the pool. How nice.

He texted today and wanted to call and talk but I’m in the throes of moving, (Yeah I wrote this Tuesday and forgot to post it. I am on my new deck right now.) He asked to hang out soon but I told him about Recalibration which he says he is in also as his wife wants to split. I don’t think I want to see him again.

#2 The Masseuse

I deleted his number and his photos Sunday night because that whole needy thing.

Damn it to hell; it does feel a bit like an addiction.

If you are wondering what my fucking deal with this guy is. It’s this. And this. Augh. Poop.

He texted today ( I said I deleted his number the other day, not blocked him). He said he missed me and hoped I was doing well. I said I was moving tomorrow. He said he was still mad at my “friends.” I had complained last week and he was upset about it for me I guess. Whatever. He has to work but had volunteered to help this weekend. I told him several have volunteered to help now (Three! Two have to work but one is coming! Oh I hired two movers to help also.)

Oops backup a bit. So I forgot to tell you that I saw The Masseuse on Bumble last week and swiped right. I do that if I see someone I’ve dated that I still like (I’ve seen Einstein, my first date last year, on every dating app; he’s still using that 10-year-old photo). Back to The Masseuse… I had texted him laughing about swiping right on him and he said thanks. He then swiped right on me, so we matched and I had messaged I liked his blue shirt photo. I know all weird but here’s why I told ya that.

He said he deleted Bumble and Tinder today, then added “Not that you care lol.” I asked why and he said, “Causing me to lose faith in humanity.” Now I had seen that on his profile and wondered what he meant by it. I didn’t know if his profile was from before me or was new after me. Thought for half a second he meant me! It was from before me though. I asked how he’d lost faith, “I don’t know. I think you and I are the most decent people on those things LOL.” I agreed.

He asked if he could come see my new place after the “boner-ban” was lifted.

I said, “yes.” {I’m ducking now from the slap you are sending my way.}

Look I’m not going to text him. I feel better about all of it and would like to see him at least one more time. I’m still seeing others and if he wanted to date it would be while I’m dating others. He will have to contact me again and ask to come over. I’m not doing it.

{Wednesday update: He texted asking if any fuckboys showed up to help me. I said no but my gay bestie did. Then I said, “I didn’t ask them to help or they would have” just to be sassy. But I thought about how that wasn’t true so I added, “Well actually most wouldn’t have.”

He texted an hour later that he missed me and to have a nice night.

“I sometimes think you kinda like me,” I said.

“Eh… You’re the one that quit seeing me.”

I did. That is true. He has texted this last week too. We never had the full breakup convo, just a few texts where I kept it simple saying I needed a break to figure myself out. As you know, texting anything serious doesn’t go well with him. But I wanted to say something.

“Yes but… you didn’t want to see me or call.” There is so much more I want to say but in person. What I want to say is that in a relationship I want to feel cherished. Big word. Big feelings. Was a very new relationship but still… at the minimum respect.

He responded with, “Not true.”

And that’s how we left it.

#3 The Hot Chef

He texted today too. He was going to bring me hot food and hot D.

I said No. Can you believe it?! Aren’t you so proud of me? I’m proud of me. I told him of the man sabbatical and he said back, “Manbattical. Like Wayne Bruce.” See he is a likable fellow.

The Forklift Driver

We’ve had some fun emailing and texting. He is from another city. I met him virtually through a Zoom thingamajig. God he has made me laugh my ever-lovin’ ass off from his stories.

We were emailing back and forth last week and it was so fun because it felt like old school pen pals. Except you didn’t have to wait a week to get a letter back.

(Remember that? Any other old people here? Letter pen pals?)

I shared the blog with him immediately which took our letters to a whole ‘nother level folks. Fast. He hasn’t been writing as much this week and I’ve really missed it. I thought I had been too “out there.” The level I took it to was from writing about our sex stories to basically propositioning him to an 80s prom theme sexfest. Long story.

He texted today that it was all good, he said he is discombobulated

(I’m the only one I know who uses that word!)

with work right now

(he’s not actually a forklift driver; inside joke).

{Update: He wrote me a letter last night. So fun! I’m enjoying the hellllll out of his stories and they way he puts things. On the Zoom thingy his energy is so cool. I watched as he encouraged someone who was shy and new to the group. Whether this is a friendship or an FWB or something else it’s fun and I like this guy. He lives in another city so the chances of hanging out much are pretty low. So what? This is fun as hell.)

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2 thoughts on “Four Menz Text In One Day

  1. 1. Learned a new term today. “Boner ban.” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    2. I use discombobulated semi-regularly since is my static state lately. πŸ™‚

    3. It ain’t over with your on again off again grumpy dude. You know that right? Deep down? πŸ˜‰


    1. Isn’t that a funny one? He came up with that. I’m glad to hear of more “discombulated” word users although it is not a good state to be in. And I know, I know. I don’t know what to do with grumpy dude but this made me smile and I love that you call him grumpy dude. Thank you for writing. πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

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