The Teacher

I guess I’m not a jealous person but I don’t get tested on it much either, like someone I really want hanging out with someone else. I just feel like if they like that person better they should be with them.


I matched with the Teacher on Bumble nine days ago. First his photo caught my eye because it was sexy AF but also so creative. He had cropped it in half and zoomed in… then there was this really creative bit of writing for his bio. He’s taken down his Bumble damnit so I can’t quote it here but it was a little piece about how he’d come through the fire and was ready to find her.

You all know that the words, the words, they go straight to my soul. These words to me, oh my. I swiped right, we matched! I said, “Damn what a great bio. And cool photo too.”

Later that night he responded in the way you want people to respond, or I do, with lots of words lol. He said my bio was the best he’d ever seen, that I seemed full of passion.

For the last nine days we have talked at least once on the phone daily, (some days twice!), with texts here and there. We had a video chat on Sunday.

I really like him at this point. We’ve talked about food, music, how we approach life, religion, politics, sex, books, family, and teaching.

We are both ENFPs if you are a Myers-Briggs fan. Extroverted-Intuitive-Feeler-Perceiver. That means that we immediately understand some stuff about each other that annoys other people. His voice is incredibly sexy. He seems to get me and even said on one of the selfies I sent, “I see you.”

Folks I am driving four hours to meet this guy in Tulsa, which is halfway from Dallas, his current city. He is moving to my city in late June/early July. I’m excited to meet him, really excited.

We did have some interesting communication that concerned me. I had told him very early on that I was not exclusive… yet. He asked who his competition was and I explained that there was no “competition,” that I was looking for my person plain and simple. Thursday afternoon he asked what I was doing that night and at first I said hanging with my daughter, which I was, but later I had a date. I texted him that I had a date and about how I would be exclusive at some point if it seemed right. These Gen X cannot handle not being exclusive.

On Friday, he asked if the guy was a good kisser and I laughed. Why would you ask that? I can’t remember now what I even said. I probably said yes, because he was. On Saturday we texted back and forth over the day. I then texted plans for meeting him in Tulsa and said let’s get an extra hour together and meet at 11. He said the weekend was now no good and that we’d never had an hour together so how would we have an extra, that the message was obviously meant for someone else. He said goodbye and good luck. Geeeeesh.

I didn’t see it until late because I was with The Photographer which is FINE because I’M SINGLE and I’m not hiding anything but my business is my business. I said we’d talk in the morning and that the text about an extra hour was for him. We talked Sunday morning and got it cleared up.


I get men are jealous and all but I’m not his yet. He said he doesn’t want a broken heart and is protecting it. I get that too. I also get that we had talked for hours on the phone and really connected. He wasn’t mean at all or it would be sayonara.

The next drama was he shut his phone off Sunday afternoon and evening; therefore for the first time in eight days not responding to texts over a six-hour period. I still don’t know if he is playing games, he says no. Lol although that’s like asking someone if they are lying. He says he should have told me before he shut it off, that he needs time away from the phone. I love that. I hate when people can’t put their phone away.

There’s enough great stuff that I’m driving four hours to have a picnic with him. I’m not spending the night… this time. If things go well I hope we go back in a week or so and get a room.

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One thought on “The Teacher

  1. So true: “These Gen X cannot handle not being exclusive.” Personally I would lie rather than tell a guy I was having another date. I have learned that from experience, as you have too. I figure it isn’t their business and why kill something dead by oversharing? However, your points are valid too.


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