Enough looking back… onward ho

Bahhahaaa “ho.” Did you see it?


I’ve reflected and recalibrated and am ready to look forward! (Although it was an epic year and I expect to hear from and still learn things from the YOS I want to have a different focus now.) Here’s the beginning thoughts of that.

Friends and family– I want to funnel the hours of dating apps/messages/dates into building relationships that are important to me. I’ve been kind of a rotten sister, daughter, and friend. Remedying this.

I’m going to see if the gay bestie wants to do a camping trip or even a road trip. At minimum I hope to see him every other week. We could also talk once a week on the phone; that would be cool. {I asked! He said he’d love to so we are going to the mountains in June!}

Female Tribes:

Daily Sistah writing group- continue this until August then feel bereft. Maybe we will be able to switch it to evenings. This group has fed me the most of any group I’ve ever had. We are working on our balance of writing and sharing but we will figure it out. They are important to me; as I said before a blessing that just fell in my lap. They are smart as fuck, spiritual, passionate, vulnerable, authentic goddesses. I am honored to be a part of their tribe.

Women Who Run With the Wolves Tribe– COVID killed the bigger group for now. The smaller book club has functioned on Zoom, blech to Zoom. It is a pittance, a crumb of humanity compared to talking with a live human in your physical vicinity. Still though it has been so good to hear their stories that relate to Pinkola-Estes’s book. I have made individual friends with two of the bookclub; in addition to one being in the daily sistah tribe. In fact one of those friends met through the bookclub invited me to…

The Wine Therapy Tribe- I’ve only met with these kickass women two times, had to miss the last one but it’s another great thing that just fell in my lap! I look forward to years of wine therapy and getting closer to these three compadres.


May 2019: A beloved soul sister in a bi-weekly writing tribe whom I’d only been in for a few months tells me about the book “Women Who Run With the Wolves,” saying I’d like it.

June 2019: I FOUND it on a Take a book-Leave a book shelf at my building.

June 2019-October 2019: I read it and lose my mind at how great it is.

New Year’s 2019: In reviewing my life I realize I need to proactively form a female tribe and make it a goal of 2020 so I decide to start a bookclub for it.

January 2020: I set it up on Meetup. We have our first Happy Hour with four attendees!

February 2020: We meet for our first bookclub meeting, on Super Bowl Sunday. That day a fellow bookclub member invites me to a Super Bowl party when I share I have nowhere to watch. It ended up not working out for either of us but the invitation meant the world to me. She is then a part of a group that goes to the art museum for a special event and then….

May 2020: This friend now invites me to the wine therapy group.

Here we are- all of these tribes are connected with Dr. Pinkola-Estes’s book Women Who Run With the Wolves, damnnn. Shut up if you don’t there’s some powerful magic there. There is. Take your realism and “It’s just a coincidence” or rather “Of course they are connected, it’s about the book club, not the book dummy.” Shhh.. shut yo mouf.”

Ha look what I did- I looked back again bitches. It’s a thing. Go with it.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

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