George Floyd R.I.P.

I’m fucking sick and angry and scared honestly.

It’s 2020. Can we know that the color of your skin still impacts your life in a million ways? I guess some will never admit that.

Why must we have cops with 18 complaints out “serving” the public? 18. That’s the number of people who complained. It would be scary to bring a complaint against a cop, very. So if there are 18 registered we can guess that there are many, many, many more who didn’t say anything. Understandably so.

Yes there are cops from all over the country on TikTOk saying the killer should be charged with murder. But you have to ask, do cops turn each other in for bad behaviors? Is there or could there be an anonymous reporting by cops about other cops to be investigated? Three stood there and watched a criminal murder someone. The criminal had a uniform on that matched theirs. All must be culpable. Enough with the good ol’ boy network. Keep the good cops, yes they are there, and prosecute the bad cops. Don’t just let them go. No. Prosecute them for the crimes they’ve done. Hold them to a higher accountability.


I could never be a cop because I don’t have the temperament. I know they are under pressure. THAT IS THE JOB. It’s like a teacher who doesn’t like kids. Don’t do it if you cannot be professional, know how to deal with pressure and could cops not be racist? Could we somehow check their opinions on races and not allow them to become police if they won’t protect all? Some solutions are simple. Enact policies that help. From the simple request, “Use all other means before shooting” to requiring the use of all force to be reporting. These two policies have shown a 25% decrease in killings by police in the departments that enacted them. (1) I wonder how we can know what the policies for our police are? Is there a Code of Ethics like counselors have? Just use that one if not. It would work.

If you think it depends on the crime rate or anything about race, you’re wrong. It’s policies and training. Buffalo, New York and Orlando, Florida have around 255,000 people with Buffalo’s crime rate being 12% and Orlando’s 9%. (2) From 2013-2016, no one was killed by the police in Buffalo while 13 were killed in the same years by Orlando police. (3) Oh and it’s not about number of certain populations if you were thinking that, 50% of the population is people of color in Buffalo, 42% in Orlando. Policies and training. Seems a no-brainer doesn’t it?

I know what fear is for a white woman in this country, walking to my car night or day keeping an eye out, noticing who is behind me day or night, crossing the sidewalk to not walk past a man is a normal behavior, very normal.

I don’t know what it’s like to be scared for your babies to go out and just have a normal life. I don’t know what it’s like to not expect to live from a driving ticket or some minor thing that is about money and not people. I don’t know what it’s like to be constantly watched. To see memorials to those who tortured and killed your ancestors in your very own city or country. You guys I can’t even list all of it. It’s so much. So much.

White males, see your privilege. Stand up against the “bros” everywhere (business, the golf course, at the bar) who continue to have power even though they are racist, sexist, all the -ists. Speak. Up. I’m trying to think of any woman or black cop being a part of any of the murders we’ve seen and I can think of none off the top of my head.

I have not done enough. One of my sisters is in the fight. I have not been. I AM aggressively anti-racist in my classroom and with family. Aggressive. I support black candidates, Democrats for Justice, Teaching Tolerance, the ACLU… It’s not enough. It’s not nearly enough. I’ll be moving closer to the action to stand up for what’s right.

(1) (2)

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One thought on “George Floyd R.I.P.

  1. It’s sad, but racism and suppression has been part of humanity since the dawn of humanity. I’ll never understand why either. Imagine how much could get accomplished if we all united and worked together for the common good. I’ve been accused of being naive, a hippie, a dreamer, pie in the sky. But, I don’t see why this notion of us all getting along is so difficult for most. Not sure I’ll ever get the answers to that question. Baffling.

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