How’s the sex?

A few weeks ago I stopped worrying so much what was going on with The Teacher. We had matched on Bumble and started messaging and talking the last week of April. Yes.. six weeks ago. I’ve never done this before, talk this long without meeting that is.

Now readers who’ve been around for a bit will remember I “fell in love” with The Writer from his goddamn blog and had some messaging with him for a few weeks back in February and then a video call in March where he was not interesting, he was nice-ish I guess, but during our 15-20 minute video call he looked at his goddamn laptop several times. Okay dude you could have just told me you were uninterested instead of being a weinee about it. Yes weinee.

So The Teacher came on hot and heavy phone-call wise the first week. Told him I was not exclusive, he got sort of “jealous” I guess? He asked if the date was a good kisser? So weird. Then he went to a full 50-60% less contact, then even less, then even less. Now he was still in contact throughout the six weeks but I moved him to a very very back burner.. as in I ain’t holding my breath anymore… as in I will meet him but my skepticism is on full alert. He has called and texted multiple times since Saturday… daily. Now is this because he is moving here in a few weeks? Perhaps. Is it because he saw me on Hinge which I downloaded in a dranking sitch with my gay bestie Saturday night? And why Hinge Scarlett? I think I was thinking I’m looking for a relationship which I’m not. I’m just not into it right now.

I’m into me. And thus brings us to the message I sent The Teacher this morning to which he hasn’t responded even with an emoticon (I thought I’d taught him better but these GenX are stubborn little bastards about how to communicate on text sometimes aren’t they?) On our phone call last night he said even if I was dating someone he was hoping he’d be given a chance, well he sort of asked then said he shouldn’t have asked but I don’t give a shit if you ask because I have nothing to hide. I said I wasn’t dating anyone.

I sent him an audio message this morning an hour ago, “Remember how I said I wasn’t dating anyone? Well that isn’t exactly true. I’m dating someone who has my best interests at heart, isn’t the greatest at compliments, could do better at that… ummmm a pretty good person to spend time with. I’ve been dating myself so… that’s a focus I’ve been trying to have that I thought I would tell you.”

I just texted him and said I thought my message was pretty funny and interesting and that I’d taught him to respond with an emoticon if he were busy.


He just sent an audio where he’s laughing, “I went through all the emotions with that. That was very clever. So you’re dating yourself…. how’s the sex?”

Ha. Funny!

Then he sent four emoticons, two kisses and two laughing. A text, “Mmmm yummy Scarlett.”

Then another audio, “My guess is it is amazing and delicious.”

I like this feeling. I ask for what I want, not what I need. I don’t need him to respond at all. He can go take a flying leap if he so desires. Fine with me lol. I’m cool over here with my blog and my books and my family and friends, some travel coming up. A really exciting future ahead of me.

I’m a pretty good date if I say so myself.

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