Back in the saddle again…

What a freaking week…

A fucking nurse practitioner ruined my life for two weeks not wanting to give me a goddamn antibiotic. I got it and feel like A MILLION DOLLARS. Had an ear infection. Got a COVID test to be sure didn’t have that shit. I don’t. Switching doctors now to one who will listen to me….

Anywho I felt like a million dollars so I reached out to my sexy friend who looks like Eva Mendes, seriously, idk how any men can speak around her. I adore her and can’t keep my eyes off her! She’s super fun to hang out with, a GenZ or maybe a baby millennial? Not sure. She came over and we had wine then we went a local patio and had a drink there. Sooooo fun.

Thing is she kinda dares me to go a little cray and after an Old-Fashioned I’m fully willing. She wanted me to have a date last night as she had to leave early to get ready for a trip. So I texted several people, one was visiting his parents, one is dating someone, one I’m going to see in a few minutes. I got home and downloaded Tinder and played it like a man. Bio-schmio. Looked at the pix and swiped right on the hotties. Ha! Now within five minutes a match popped up, someone I had matched with several times last year and never met. He’s sooooo cute. I had mentioned on a post that he scared me, and I had told him that. I think it was because he wasn’t playing any games, just pure sexual messages. I was up for that last night. For dammmmnnnn sure. It has been weeks and weeks since good sex.

We were messaging about my fishnets, yes those in the photo at the top of this page. He said he couldn’t get out of his car, afraid to scare the neighbors with his hard-on in his shorts. Mmm-hmmm. He invited me over. I asked where. The fuck you guys. Less than a mile from me?

The universe demanded this. I had eaten and was good to drive. I walked in kissed him and we went straight to the bedroom. He’s excellent I say, excellent.

Then we had amazing naked pillow talk for an hour and a half. Ahhhhhhh.

We parted ways and I was back home by 10! Perfect.

He’d asked me to come over for morning nooky but I figured he’d be up really late so I didn’t text and I was busy anyway. But I did text mid-morning and say that I had fun and was excited about this mutually beneficial opportunity. LOL. He texted back asking if it was a good time for one of those opportunities. I was on a Zoom. When the Zoom ended I zoomed over, he’d left the door open. Went to his bedroom rode him then he rode me then I left to go on my merry way.

A freaking blast. Looking forward to enjoying him more.

Off to a date with ummm The Masseuse. Yep. He’s already annoyed the fuck out of me just planningt it. We shall see if he is into FWB’s. LOL. Byeeeee.

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