The Masseuse part deux

I said I wasn’t going backward and yet here I am.

Saturday night

When I was with Eva last night I messaged The Masseuse on social media, cuz he blocked me you remember?


He did actually block me! I messaged him and asked if he wanted to hang out Sunday, thinking he probably had his kids today. He said, “Yes I think I do. Give me your cell please.” So I did and texted but when I texted back my messages were green and didn’t go through. Crackkk me upp. I go back on the social media to tell him he blocked me remember? And he will have to unblock.

Then we decided on tonight, then his place, then the time with a bit of back and forth. Then he changed the time a couple of times. I told him he was hilarious and annoying. He apologized.

I wore an adorable sundress and my sexy clunky heels. It was a little strange walking in and yet it wasn’t. We were both a bit shy. He got his massage table out and I gave him a leg massage and then it was supposed to be my turn but ahhhh yeahh didn’t make it to me because we had to head to the bedroom.

Shizzzzaa folks. I forgot how compatible we are in the bedroom. My body responds to him like it did to the Cranky Narcissist, which is reallllly good.

Damn it he’s so sexy too. Beautiful eyes, great hair, sexy legs and arms, cute smile. Fuck.

He is funny too. So off we went to the store to get our steaks and back to grill and it’s nice you guys. It just is. He’s a nice person. Fucking awful text communicator but a good guy. Not my long term for my life good guy because I can’t talk to him about stuff that’s important to me. I tried to tell him about my Fringe show and there was no curiosity whatsoever. But back in March when I read him some of my writing he loved it and when I told him about “Women Who Run With the Wolves” he loved my enthusiasm. We didn’t discuss the book which would have been cool.

But we got our yummy dinner and sat at the table like real people and talked. Then we watched a movie. He said how sexy I was bunches of times. He twinkly smiled at me and pushed my hair out of my face and kissed me good.

I’d be in real trouble if our communication was in sync. And if I weren’t moving to Seattle in three years.

I told him he wasn’t ready for a long-term serious relationship, not with me anyway. Then he disagreed and said he didn’t believe that, that he wasn’t pining away for his ex. I agreed that he wasn’t but that the communication was not there for what I needed. I also said I wasn’t ready for anything serious with anyone. We left it at not defining anything. I’m dating others and he knows. We will see each other on occasion. So yeah I kinda flipped him into an FWB didn’t I?

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