Soooo excited!

It’s the Year of Discovery bitches. What does that mean?

Whatever I want it to mean!

Right now that means I’m not into being serious with anyone. It means I’m “dating” myself. Now I did get some great sex over the weekend with Waldo man and The Masseuse and I’m super duper okay with that! I met Waldo man on Tinder; we’d matched three times over the last year. LOL. I finally hit it. Anwayyyy… here’s the scoop on adventures and menz.


Waldo Man has not asked for a booty call in the last two days. He did respond to a meme I sent about his name. I’m disappointed about no booty call, although I couldn’t have gone because I’m too busy… okay I’m not. It’s because Pussy is recovering from The Masseuse.

The Masseuse has been VERY communicative and sweet. Hmmmm….

The Teacher has been in touch daily; we talked on Sunday. He moves here in two weeks.

The Liberal Marine wants to get a whiskey at some point but won’t like that I’m still not wanting a relationship I’m guessing.

We have two new Tinder opportunities.

Lordy lordy The Fireman is hotttttt as helllllll. We had a very short convo and made plans for next week. The other match, let’s call him The Kilt Man, looks to have such a positive vibe and smile and can write (swoon) which I messaged and told him after we matched. He liked my smile and that I’m a writer also. Then he wrote a little poem about it!

  • Your mischievous smile has caught my eye.
  • Lover of words and a writer to boot.
  • Sounds like you could be an erudite hoot.
  • A date needs to be had before July.
  • Take a moment to ponder, but reply.

Love of words and a writer too! So I wrote him one back and we were rhyming to each other for a bit last night. Cheesy? Yes! Do I love it? YES! We plan to meet next week. Why next week instead of this week?


I’m heading to Colorado with the gay bestie tomorrow for an epic hiking adventure, epic I say.

We stay up on the mountains 2 1/2 days; 14 1/2 miles of hiking above 10,000 feet. FUCK yes. It’s a full day’s drive, really more 14 hours total, to the southwest corner of Colorado which is the prettiest then we’ll hike to mountain huts. I’ve been a bit frazzled trying to get our gear together. I bought some because I want to hike and it’s something I adore. BFF has never been and obviously doesn’t need to buy a bunch of expensive stuff but hopefully we are cobbling together a good situation for him. The Masseuse is loaning him a pack so that’s nice.

Gotta go finish packing! Kisses darlings!

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