Back with a bang…

Writer bitch challenged me to three dates in one day. I’m tired now. Not doing that again.


I’m going to write about the vacay with the gay bestie tomorrow but today I am telling you about the insanity of yesterday… I went a little cray and had three dates in one day. That writer bitch I tell you… she gets in charge and thinks something would be a great challenge and fun to write about and off we go.

Here’s how it went down…

Last week I texted some “exes” in a drunken moment and so I ended up seeing The Masseuse twice last week, Saturday and Sunday. Last week he asked me out for this Wednesday so he was already set up.

Then a Tinder match, the adorable Kilt Man, asked me on Tuesday what my avail was this week. I said days were open but only Thursday night was avail. He asked for Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. Of course I said yes.

Lastly the Neighbor came sliding into the texts around 11 a.m. wanting a quick hookup. That writer bitch was all about it so off we went for the nookie, came back 1/2 hour later and got ready for our date with Kilt Man, then off for our special massage date with The Masseuse at 6:30.

“Date” 1: The Neighbor

He’s a writer and lives so close to me. I could walk or definitely ride my bike there. He’s sexy and smart and fun in bed. It is just an FWB situation as he has only texted when he’s wanting sex, which is fine with me. I could see a potential for something more if he wanted it but I don’t think he quite sees how awesome I am. He definitely knows how awesome he is lol. Our trysts have been quick and I haven’t had time to get where he gets, i.e. come, but it’s still been fun. He’s a great kisser and I have a great time. I did text him yesterday and say that I wasn’t running Scarlett’s home for horny boys and that next time we needed to take a little more time for me. Ha! That’s funny right? Now he had said the same thing, that he knew I hadn’t gotten to the end like he had so it’s not like I was saying anything he didn’t know. I thought I offended him and asked but he said he’d just been really busy all day. We’ll see. No guy is going to admit you offended him; they’ll just ghost. I hope he doesn’t ghost me but I’m fine if he does. I do like that he’s close and he’s sexy and fun.

Date 2: The Kilt Man

Aahhh this guy, this guy could be a contender. He’s adorable for one, friendly open face, curly hair, scruff and in great shape but not a body builder. For two he freaking starting rhyming on our Tinder message. OMG so cute. So I rhymed back and then he rhymed back and yessss cheesy and I love it so. We met at 1 in the afternoon at a local brewery, my choice as he had offered coffee or a drink. We each had one beer and some water and talked for three hours straight. This guy. He calls me on shit but listens and teases me with this little smile, is a reader of Neil Gaiman AND Judy Blume, can discuss the ins and outs of Gilmore Girls, is researching racism and trying to learn more about it, is not a liberal nor a conservative but is political. We talked for one whole hour about the protests, riots, Seattle’s CHOP area, the Atlanta mayor’s speech, Killer Mike’s response in Atlanta, etc. etc. We exchanged book titles and shows to watch. His suggestion was, “I Am Not Your Negro.” I watched it tonight and it blew me away. It was a cerebral date for damn sure. But he was also really cute. However I’m not sure if my feminine wiles got to him or not. I couldn’t tell. I touched his hand a couple of times but he didn’t touch mine. However as we were leaving he walked me to my car and asked, “High five?” holding up his hand. I just stared, then he said, “Hand shake?” and held out his hand and I looked at him confused. Then he opened his arms for a hug and I stepped in them and got this nice warm long hug. Sigh. I like this guy.

Date 3: The Masseuse

Yes this is the third time I’ve seen him in two weeks. Yes he likes me. And I do like him but I don’t want to be with him long-term and have told him that, basically. Well I said that I don’t want to be with anyone long-term right now which is true. He said he missed me to which I responded, “Oh that’s so nice.” He teased me about it like it was a fail on his end because I didn’t say I missed him. The first time I just laughed. The second time he said it I said I didn’t miss anyone as I was on a great vacation… and I didn’t. I just couldn’t say to him that I missed him as I don’t lie since I don’t have to, like I did in that unhappy marriage. I’m not going to. He gave me a killer massage, we had sex onthe massage table, then we ordered barbecue and ate it on TV trays, lol! We watched Seinfeld’s “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.” I mentioned my sister was coming up this weekend and that I was filming my show. The only question he asked was if he was in it. I know, I know. He wasn’t curious at all about it and I guess it’s a weird thing maybe for a man to be interested but The DJ always was and The Poet showed some interest on occasion. I need to move on and I will… soon. I did get him connected with a counselor, or made an introduction and he made the connection. I mean he’s an FWB right now so it’s all good.

So I wrote yesterday for a couple of hours, talked to my parents but the rest of the day was dates or getting ready for dates. Yeah I’m tired of it lol. I’m thinking of scheduling myself better, as in no more than three dates a week, that leaves more time for myself and for friends and family. I gotta keep that writer bitch in check. She is fun but it’s the year of discovery bitch so less menz and more adventures.

Speaking of epic adventures… Colorado adventure post coming up tomorrow!

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

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