How quickly things change with the menz – rejection sucks

I swear. I had three dates on Wednesday, the teacher was supposedly moving here this weekend and perhaps going to hang out, ALL the menz… today only The Masseuse is still on board and hanging in there (and The Hot Chef keeps texting).

The Kilt Man

For the first time in my adult life I got rejected with the “let’s be friends” text. From Kilt Man. Well pooh.

To quote, “I think you are a lovely person. But really only see a possible friendship between us.”

Wham. There it is.

Immediately I thought he wasn’t physically attracted to me. I’m 8 years older than he is. I’m not used to this at alllllll. I think it bothers me so much because I don’t want to be seen as an “old woman” and not attract men. Okay I am sort of old, but I don’t want to look it or feel it. And I don’t. Yet lol.

I don’t think he was attracted to me damn it. But mostly I think it was our differences in life philosophy and politics. I’m very liberal. I asked if he were a good landlord when I found out he rented properties and I think I offended him a bit. I knew we weren’t the same on some stuff but thought we might be good for each other, offer each other a different perspective. LOL I guess I’m too different. And I can totally see how I’d be very annoying to some people. And honestly that’s okay. That means I am being myself and I am not for everyone for sure.

After I cried (yes damnit I cried when I first saw the text), I called the oldest daughter for advice on what to text back.

Here’s what I sent, “Hey! Thank you for telling me that and not ghosting! I appreciate it! I was trying to figure out how things might be and couldn’t tell if it would be great or not-so-great lol. Was gonna give it another date but that’s cool. If you actually do want to be friends I’m open to it. We could get another brewski and figure out the world!”

I was pretty proud of it. It’s honest and strong I think.

The three dots appeared immediately and went away.

Ten minutes later I got this, “Look forward to solving all that disquiets us.”

My oldest said I dodged a bullet because it was weird wording. LOL

The Neighbor

I believe I offended him with my text about not being Scarlett’s home for horny boys. I was trying to be funny. And also sort of sexy. Fail. Rats. I liked running down there to jump him. Perhaps he’s busy. We’ll see I guess.

The Teacher

He texted early in the week that he was moving up Saturday morning, yesterday. I sent a safe travels message Friday.

No response.

I texted yesterday asking if he made it.

No response.

WTF with this guy. I’m sorry. I get being busy. Do you think I don’t get being busy? I get it. I took 12 hours of grad classes and worked full time the last ten months. I moved three households at the end of April and still talked to HIM twice on moving day. I fucking know busy. I can tell you that I can text you back usually within the hour, or later that day. For sure for sure within 48 hours honey.

I was hopeful we might get to do something today, which HE was open to last time we talked, because my sister was here and I wanted to get her vibe on him. Oh welllllllll….

This week I will possibly see The Masseuse (I’m betting he might invite me over again) and The Hot Fireman (a first date). Really wondering if The Teacher will finally message back and we will meet in person or if he’s just gone.

I swear I am trying to think LESS about men and more about me. I do succeed more and more on this. I really do. It is still too much though. It really is.

However although I have Tinder I have only looked at it maybe three times this week and only swiped right on maybe three people. One of whom unmatched from me when I said it was a red flag that he didn’t have a bio and didn’t give me any details about himself when I asked.

I am caring less about the menz and more about myself. I am. The next two posts will prove it as two huge things happened in my life over the last week that have NOTHING to do with sexy men, my Colorado trip and my Fringe show.

Kisses darlings.

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One thought on “How quickly things change with the menz – rejection sucks

  1. Caring less about potential men is a good thing. It is unsettling and energy draining to have all that shit going on. You know that from last year, hey?! Don’t take it personally about Kilt Man. I do think he was being authentic and honest and that really does make things easier. I had a fabulous date once with a guy I was really attracted to, but with a 20 year age difference I wasn’t pushing it. Turned out he wanted to be friends and we have been genuine close and connected friends for over 3 years now. Sometimes the universe has other plans. Be open to them and not hung up on just one type of connection. My advice anyway xx

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