Making a movie….

I was going to be a part of Fringe KC but then it became virtual. I was going to opt out. Then a videographer offered to film my story for free.How do you turn that down?

Welp I hate to even think how many hours I have worked on this over the last four weeks. I’m going to take a stab at an average of 5 hours a day for 20 days- 100 hours? It seems like much more than that but I did go to Colorado for six days and I did sleep 8-9 hours a day and eat and all that stuff.

Every minute I wasn’t doing chores, sleeping, or now and again hanging out for fun- I was working on that show. Guys it was probably MORE than 5 hours a day honestly. Anyway besides Colorado this “movie” was my June.

It’s finished. We filmed Saturday.

How was it?

Awkward. I don’t like cameras. I like people, laughter, living breathing humans where I can see their faces and enjoyment of the stories. It was very hard for me. I almost quit two weeks ago but my oldest wouldn’t let me. She said I’d be sorry if I didn’t finish it out.


So I did.

I edited the stories for telling rather than reading. I practiced and practiced and practiced but honestly I edited the end THE DAY BEFORE. Omg. I had my seester and my gay bestie come but didn’t realize they wouldn’t be able to laugh. Duh.

The microphone was on the table by me and I guess I talk too loud? I do project because I’m used to live stuff for sure. So I was trying to talk quieter. I was nervous and I think it comes through.

Now the stories are good. They are from this blog and if it gets into some sort of festival or Fringe there will be new readers show up here.

Which stories?

Hook-UP Dating, Einstein, Back to Back dates, The First Nooky was part 1. I wore my “Marilyn Monroe” white dress. When I said “Life Number Three… Go” in HUD I let my hair down. I’m fairly pleased with this section.

Part 2: I’m Mary Fucking Tyler Moore ( I will put this up on the blog today), Cranky Narcissist and Rules to Keep Me Single (I wore a gorgeous black dress in which I blend into the black curtains and you really just see my non-toned arms and my head floating around- worst outfit ever. I wish he’d showed me so I could put the white dress back. I truly truly hate how I look in this one. Vomit. )

Part 3: Block- Kiss – Unh Unh -Zero -Double Dutch: I attempted to play off “Chicago” and the “Cell-Block Tango” here. It’ s okay. Block is Prince A, Kiss is The Hot Chef, Unh is Baby Ginger, Zero is the Lost Condom and Double Dutch is The Tattooed Bartender. (I wore a gold dress that had only been out once I believe and that was on a date with The DJ, sushi and a Tango lesson. )

Part 4: Letters to my FWBs: Liberal Marine, Tantric Man, The DJ and The Poet (this is a piece I wrote just for the show; I will post it here soon. I did take pieces from this post. ) , Dear Future Man of My Dreams and Dear One-Year-Ago Scarlett. (I wore a poppin’ red fringy sort of dress with fishnets and patent leather Doc Martens. He moved the camera back and I look pretty good.)

How it looks:

I’m almost sexy if it weren’t for not holding my stomach in nor wearing Spanx lol. Also I truly hate my huge arms. Whatevvvverrr. I think it’s shocking to see so much body because of the camera angle and because everyone on TV is size 0. So that means I should stopppp already. It’s hard though. The camera does, I think and hope please God, seem to add 15 pounds. Now I still have my COVID quarantine bod folks which is made from carbs and sitting down at a computer. In my normal job I walk 1-2 miles a day just be-bopping around. And biked/ran and ate healthier. So…. yeah.

Here’s the thing. He made it for free and that’s so cool. Perhaps I should have made it in my kitchen with Zoom and there’s a lower bar of expectations. I mean I rented a stage and had these dresses but I didn’t “do makeup” nor did I know how to stand or sit because I’m just awkward. I am. It’s okay, mostly, unless you are on a video where your awkwardness is preserved FOREVER lol.

I think it was good I did it. I hope to send it out to some Fringes and film festivals. The stories are solid. I think someone could see the potential for the live show by watching it.

It was scary but I did it.

It was hard but I persevered through tears and exhaustion.

I was supported by my gay BFF and my seester who are so fucking amazing I can’t believe it.

We went out drankin’ afterward and had a blast. I wore the red fringey dress and the fishnets and Docs. Yes over the top.

That’s me baby. Over the top.

Deal lol.

Kisses darlings. If it makes it into a festival or Fringe I will post the link you so can watch it.

Glad it’s “done.” Now to try to get an agent for the YOS book lol.

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2 thoughts on “Making a movie….

  1. I just love this post. You are so honest and I adore all the self-loathing on display because we all have it! I laughed a lot about the bit where you hate how you look in that part. I agree completely. I guess we don’t like to see how others see us sometimes, especially when it’s a moment frozen in time and not a moving, living, breathing version. In this case, yes I’m sure the camera adds weight, but also – you did it! Go you! I am so proud and it is a wonderful snapshot in time that you can keep in the bottom draw or do something with – even editing bits, something creative. And you did it. Well done 🙂


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