First dates with two amazing men… Part 1

Eve of recently commented that the wheel was about to turn on my post “What do I want?

Well damn. Is she a fortune teller?

I had two first dates Sunday. And darlings they are BOTH wonderful men that I can see a relationship with.

So now I have a decision don’t I?

A tough one.

I know… first dates. Calm your tits Scarlett. Anyone can nail a first date. Been there done that. I know for sure… I think… that The Drummer and I would have a good go at something fairly wonderful. Yeah.. we could. Let me tell you about him first. And hello Drummer if you made it here.

So he knows about the blog and the year of sluttery and ALL of it. Back up back up. He’s the one I kissed on the street last week, the one the wine therapy friends introduced me to.

What we have in common is cray folks. A love of reading (he has stacks of books like I do), a former past with fundamental Christianity, a searching for what God is and now agnosticism, a curiosity about life that causes us to ask questions to anyone at anytime, a love for 60s stuff, joy in flower gardens, whiskey and old-fashioneds… I mean you guys there is so much so much. Both of us fairly goofy and really okay with that but smart as fuck and personable, marketing and education backgrounds.

He has been the fucking sweetest on text, checking in, flirty but not overbearing whatsoever. I went over to his house for our date Sunday evening. He had this great old-fashioned he made for us, a yum charcuterie board and then I am not shitting you we talked for seven hours straight minus an hour of kissing and sighhhh some wonnnddddeeerrrfffulll sexy time. I thought about staying the night and you know I don’t like to do that. Or have not done that. He had texted Sunday morning that he had made homemade quiche and I could take home a slice or eat some Monday morning if I were still there… wanted me to know my options. So I really thought about it… but knew I wouldn’t sleep so I went home around 2 a.m.

This morning he texts that he will bring breakfast to me since he forgot to send it. Um yes. So he brings over the fucking BEST goddamn quiche. I adore quiche, order it anytime it is available. I don’t make it because crust, I make frittatas. But I lovvvve quiche. Okay I know I’m being weird but you know you know music and words and food are soul things babies. They are. He brings coffee and quiche and we sit on my front porch and this quiche fed my goddamn soul. Then I showed him my place and then we talked and talked.

It was.. in his words.. magical.

I’m going to his place Wednesday afternoon. I know weird time but I have a trip Friday, am seeing friends and have book club and such and a date with The Teacher tomorrow.

Yes The Teacher was the other first date.

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