First dates with two men (one amazing)… Part 2

I took amazing off this post title because honestly I am thinking The Teacher is NOT amazing.

The Teacher and I have been talking on the phone for two months. Well actually one month because the last four weeks he’s been pretty silent. He moved last week to my city.

So after a stupid text conversation early Sunday afternoon where I lost my mind we finally make a plan and he said he would come over in an hour and he does. He is a snazzy dresser. It felt so strange to have thought so many hours about this meeting and here he was, actually here. He commented on my camera collection, loved my photos I’d taken. I made us sangria and we went out to sit in the shade and talk. He admitted how unorganized his move was. It sounded like a shit show totally.

This helped me see that he is possibly not ready for a relationship as he has so much to do to set up a new life. I had thought I might like to be part of that but it seems he has trouble making room for that. I think it’s like that spinning plate trick and he’s running around trying to keep those plates spinning: job, home, investments, family. I’m the plate still on the table lol. It’s just weird because we talked so many hours on the phone and had video chats throughout May and I stepped back in June to give him time to get here but I had it in my head that it would be more normal when he got here. It’s been a week and it’s the same; he can’t text back. Sigh. I know people had relationships without texting but they fucking called each other. IDK. I’m not sure if I’m being unrealistic or he is. One of us is for damn sure.

So anyway, back to the date: We had trouble keeping our hands off each other and wouldn’t have kept them off each other but my daughter was home so we mostly behaved. He watched my videos of my trip with the gay bestie and said the mountains and beauty like that made him tear up. Me too. We talked about his family. He even called his sister on speaker phone in the middle of the date, lol! She sounded awesome.

Now I hadn’t been on my date with The Drummer yet so I didn’t know how awesome our connection was going to be. I had a great connection with The Teacher too. Honestly not as seamless as The Drummer. I told The Teacher I wanted to read something to him and he said he wanted to hear it but then kept talking so I never read it even though I brought it up three times lol. I just gave up.

I had told him I was going to a friend’s house Sunday night. The Drummer was either going to be a friend or an FWB or a possible relationship. I really had no idea as I had not had time alone with him yet. I put my phone on airplane mode while there. When I turned it back on at 2 a.m. I had a text from The Teacher that said, ” Nice.”

What the fuck does that mean?

Was he upset he couldn’t reach me when I’d told him I’d be out? I surely hope not. You can’t not be available for weeks on end and then be pissed one evening you can’t reach me. Nope. Doesn’t work that way, especially since I’d told him I had plans.

But maybe “Nice” means something else?

I don’t know.

11:00 a.m. I texted, “Nice?” and asked about his evening. Heard nothing back.

Noon: Told him I was looking forward to seeing him tomorrow.


1:30 Sent a quote.


3:30 “Did you go to the dentist?”


6:40 “Okay well I have a Zoom bookclub from 6-8. Hope you are okay.”

LOL. I have to shake my head. Supposed to have a date tomorrow where he cooks for me. Very curious to see if it will actually happen. Won’t cry if it doesn’t.

Really over this terrible communication style he has going.

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