The Teacher has left the building… I guess?

LOL I think a bullet has been dodged here. The Teacher is done with me. I can only assume this because he has not communicated with me since our meeting on Sunday except for the one word text:


Nice, he says. I’m guessing he tried to call while I was with The Drummer. I had my phone on airplane mode. I honestly did not know it would go straight to voicemail cuz I’m dumb like that. I just didn’t want him calling while I was on my date.

Ooops lol.

When I turned off airplane mode it popped in.


But isn’t it telling that even though we had a nice time together Sunday afternoon and he liked me enough that he asked what might happen in three years when I’m moving to Seattle. Yeah. He asked that.

But a phone that goes straight to voicemail is enough for him to walk away without even asking what was up or to understand I am not his woman yet. Of course I am not. Are you kidding me. We had one afternoon “date” which I didn’t even know was going to happen until an hour before lol. I am living my life and had the date with The Drummer set up from Thursday night and there is nothing wrong with that.

Red flag amiright?

Readers with a great memory will note that he freaked out on me when I told him back in April the first week I matched that I wasn’t exclusive and had a date that night. The next day he asked if the date was a good kisser, called while I was on a date and then said have a nice life.

So we have someone who can’t text to save his life but if I’m not right by the phone he’s miffed.

No thanks.

I texted early this morning asking if I was dismissed. No answer. Wow. So weird to me you guys. So weird.

I deleted his number.

I’m making dinner for The Drummer and happy that I will be spending time with him. I was trying to find his address in the text thread today to add to his contact info and it made me realize how very much we’ve texted over the last five days. I’ve only known him five days. But we’ve texted a small book and we’ve talked on the phone twice and had the 7 1/2 hour date, one where we talked 7 hours of it.

If I needed him (barring family or unforeseen circumstances) he’d be here in 20 minutes.

I know he would.

I will attempt to take it slow and to keep me, not lose me.

I’m scared.

YOS is much easier than actually attempting a relationship or being open to one.

But here goes…

The Drummer is up to bat. No one else is in the bat box or on the bench even. I’ve cleared it all. No dating apps. Have not talked with any FWBs. The Masseuse is dealing with his own shit. I haven’t specifically said goodbye but we didn’t have a relationship anyway and I’d be a friend to him through text if needed… as I would with any of them who needed me in that way. Through text lol.

I feel like I’m jumping out of an airplane or something lol.

Kisses darlings.


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5 thoughts on “The Teacher has left the building… I guess?

  1. I hear ya’ on being careful. I went through my own YOS, male version, years ago, after a bad relationship ending. It was glorious, but, most importantly, much like you say, I learned what I wanted in someone, and from myself, and to not compromise. I’d recommend jumping in with two feet with the new guy, but don’t ever forget the lessons you’ve learned. By the way, the next serious relationship I had after beginning dating again, not just one nighters or FWB, ended up becoming my wife. Been together 27 years, married 24 now. Use your spidey senses as needed, but be open to “the one” as well. Never know. 😊

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