Ummm… wow what a man

So…. I met The Drummer six days ago. In that time we

-had a 7 1/2 hour date on Sunday

-he brought me breakfast to my goddamn home on Monday – 2 hours

-Tuesday night I had him over for dinner – 5 1/2 hours

-we talked on the phone Monday and Wednesday – 3 hours total

18 hours

In that 18 hours we kissed and kissed and kissed, talked and talked and talked.

I’ve never dated a man like this.

He listennnnnnssss to me, deeply, eye contact, thoughtful, kind, caring, supportive, empathetic.

He shares his life with me also, all of it, not a look at how great I am thing, but real stuff. I’ve had conversations with him already that I’ve only had with the gay bestie or my daughters or seester.

He looks at me with this pure joy and it makes me so happy.

I told him last night that I had cleared the deck for him. I’m not dating anyone. It scared him a bit. He shared doesn’t want to be my “world” as I don’t want to be his. We are our own worlds, spinning along beside each other sharing stuff but our happiness is not dependent on the other.

Now we’ve connected so deeply already but I don’t feel worried or anxious. I was a little scared but then after our conversations last night I feel we can maneuver the shenanigans of a relationship.

The details of that relationship are ours but suffice it to say we want each other to be happy and will discuss what that means as we go.

We haven’t spent the night together and don’t have to. We will I’m sure at some point.

We don’t have to be together 24/7. We do like each other’s presence but we also have our own stuffs to do.

Sex is beautiful. He is the goddamn best kisser. Mmmmmm…

We naked cuddle and talk.

He showed up for the date with these beautiful wildflowers in a wine bottle with an Art Nouveau design (that we discussed) that he grew in his flower garden.

I was telling him today what it meant to be able to talk to him about anything and feel respected and celebrated and supported and he ummmm got excited. Fuck yes.

He’s fucking adorable. Yes he’s a drummer but if he were in an ad it would be one of those ads with the dad and his teenage kids, friendly open face but not a drop dead sex god on the face of it.

But his eyes… blue and they just glow. He’s tall and erhum has a quite enjoyable man part.

I’d have never swiped right on an app but in real life I saw potential. I had no idea how much potential until last night.

There’s so much more but I have to go have dinner with some girlfriends now.

What a surprise.

Keep ya posted.

OMG he actually volunteered to drive me to the airport, like he WANTS to. He said how fun it would be to talk on the the way and be the first to hear about my trip when I get back.

Swoooon folks. Swoooon.

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