Vacation #2- Seattle

I know, I know. I’m spoiled AF. I went on vacation number two. Hiking in Colorado with my gay bestie was vacation number one last month. That was impromptu honestly. I had asked in May if he’d go on a road trip and then bam we are heading to Colorado to hike 15 miles and stay in huts on the mountain.

Vacation 2 had been planned… well since forever because I go to Seattle in the summer to see my oldest since she moved there three years ago. I’ve been lucky enough to visit Seattle every season except winter, a total of six weeks over the last three years. I lovvvvve it and look forward to moving there in three years. Look forward to it isn’t even the appropriate level of longing I have to be there. It’s much stronger than that. I can’t wait. Why?

Well this trip is an example. Now I am there in the sunniest of times, July. I know this. Only one day was cloudy and rained a little bit.

Just to get it out of the way. Yes it rains there. You would not believe how many people tell me this when they hear I want to move there. I’m to the point of wanting to be an asshole about it. “What?! It rains in Seattle? Nooooo.” Why they feel the need to share this is beyond me. Seattle rain can be a downpour but usually isn’t. Many many days it’s this little mist that you don’t even need to put the hood on your raincoat up. Yes it’s cloudy but it’s hardly everrrr icy and it’s very temperate and stays green year round. You can go an hour out of the city for some snow or head to the coast and hike in the rainforesty Hoh River area. Last but not least people take their vacays in the winter to enjoy the exquisite Seattle summers, exquisite I say.

Here was my trip in the exquisite Seattle summer this year… it was sunny and around 75 everyday except one.

Friday: Got off the plane and headed to a patio for a Tequila Old-Fashioned. It was still light outside at 9:30 p.m. We needed jackets.

Saturday: We biked 17 miles on a dedicated bike trail that goes past Lake Union, by parks to a brewery specially for cyclists that had picnic tables in a huge outdoor space.

Sunday: We headed to Golden Gardens beach on the Sound with our chairs, books, hammocks and snacks. It was cold enough in the shade to need a jacket but perfect in the sun for a swimsuit. No one was acting like drunk idiots like you see in southwest Missouri at the lakes. We then had drinks and fresh fish in various forms at a patio

Monday: A trip to REI’s flagship store, found Oiselle products but couldn’t afford them right now, did find a Brooks jacket on clearance. Brooks headquarters is in Seattle as is Oiselle, a female owned company with gorgeoussssss items that will be on my Christmas list. A 1 1/2 hour drive to Hoodsport where our AirBnb was, a cottage that butted up to Hood Canal. Grabbed our beach chairs and read in sunshine watching that beautiful water.

Tuesday: We summited Mt. Ellinor. It was crazy ya’ll. Nine miles, 3300 feet in elevation gain over the hike, most of that is in last 1 1/2 miles. I have hiked since I was 13 and never had this experience. Up, up, up, you think you are there, turn the corner, up, up, up, you think you’re there, nope… At the top was a 360 view of Rainier, the Sound, the Canal, a lake, the trees, and the Olympic mountain range. Breathtaking. Then we had to come down. It was rough, really rough. I’m out of shape and carbed up so I’m chubby too. God. I leaned on my hiking poles so hard coming down that I’ve pulled a muscle in my shoulder blade that’s still hurting five days later. But I did it. I took this 55-year-old blobby body up that goddamn mountain. (Tomorrow begins the low carbs again. I feel the most energetic and healthy on lazy Keto.)

Wednesday: We kayaked Hood Canal and got sunburned. The water was so clear and clean you could see the rocks on the bottom even when it was over ten feet deep.

Thursday: Walked around the city and went to my favorite thrift store, “Out of the Closet.” Bought a Notorious RBG t-shirt. Had an insane cup of cold brew coffee at the Starbucks Reserve. Grabbed Thai food that night for a picnic in the park overlooking the Sound. A large group of sailboats sailed out and then back in punctuating the blue of the water with their colorful sails. I basked in the different shades of blue of the water, sky, clouds and Olympic Mountains.

Friday: The cloudiest chilliest day, started off at 59 but got up to 72 later. Biked 8 miles. Had dinner near Pike Place Market, a wood-fired pizza.

Saturday: Lunch by a lake, waded and people-watched. I hated to leave.

When I’m there I’m always trying to figure out where I want to live. Now that I will be more flexible as I’ll be writing and speaking rather than being a counselor, I can live anywhere. Shiza I just fell down a rabbit hole looking on real estate websites. It’s definitely a challenge to figure out how to take a midwest retirement to one of the most expensive areas to live. But I will figure it out. I’m not done working. Just switching. And something cool will open up when it’s time. I plan to move there and rent a room for a year, share a house with people and search for a year to find where I want to be.

I know… best laid plans of mice and men but still I can dream can’t I? And I will.

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2 thoughts on “Vacation #2- Seattle

  1. I am so excited for you! Seattle, Washington State and then up the west coast of Canada is our second trip to America planned for some time after the first one in 2021 (yes, the one we had to postpone due to Covid). No more postponing Mother Universe ya hear?!
    Loved this pasrt ‘A 1 1/2 hour drive to Hoodsport where our AirBnb was, a cottage that butted up to Hood Canal. Grabbed our beach chairs and read in sunshine watching that beautiful water.’ – would you recommend? If so please send me Air BnB link via email?


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