Homecoming.. and coming… and… yeah you get the picture

He ain’t two-minute oatmeal…


The Drummer took me to the airport last week and was on the hook to pick me up lol. He wanted to he said when I tried to let him out of it.

The plane arrived early. I headed straight to the restroom and then came out to get my bag and go meet him assuming he’d be pulling up outside soon. Oh no, not this guy. I think I see him and yes it is him… in the airport… wearing the shirt I bought him and looking adorable in it and carrying a sign.

You guys.

I’ve always wanted to get off a plane and have someone waiting with a sign. You know like those limo drivers do. I did not tell him this.

“Wolf Runner'”

Yes folks, the sign said, “Wolf Runner,” from the book “Women Who Run With the Wolves.” OMG

Get outta here with this guy. We don’t kiss until the parking lot because masks but then we kiss and damn he was as good of a kisser as I remembered.

We begin the drive talking about our week. We stop by my house to check on things but head to his house to stay the night. Yes stay the night. Yes I know. I never do this. Excepting the mistake of the Cranky Narcissist I believe I only stayed the night two nights in the last year, one with The Masseuse in March and one with the Liberal Marine back in October. Ohhh The Poet did stay the night the last time I saw him back in May? April? Anyway this is big.

We get to his place and kisss kiss kisss. I kinda forget the order of the whole evening which was from 11 p.m. to 3:30 a.m. but a million kisses were exchanged, warm luscious sex was had, so much talking and naked cuddling. Then I got hungry and he makes this pesto mozzarella toast situation that was mmmmmmm. So here we are walking around his house naked at 3:00 a.m. I shivered and was going to get something to wear but he appears with a robe to wrap me in while he’s cooking for me. We had old-fashioneds with our toasts and then headed off to sleep.

My shoulder started hurting so I went to the couch at 5:30 a.m., woke up and saw him milling around the kitchen at some point in time and we went back to bed to cuddle and talk and sleep more. When we got up he made coffee in this crazy cool jar steeper thing that I can’t remember the name of and had… The Quiche, the one he’d delivered to my door for breakfast after our first date. Sooooo good you guys. Chicken pesto quiche. Goddamn. We talk our little heads off more.

I wasn’t expecting to have sex again because we’d been up so late and it had been an hour long sitch but hell to the nah, glad I was wrong on that.


This was otherworldly.

This was giving, taking, openness, looking in each other eyes, hands, lips, back, front… lawdddyyy lawdy.

We were both sweaty, happy messes an hour later. We surprised ourselves.

Ummm my lady parts are tingling right now just thinking about it.


Some folks in the past had sold him some bill of goods that he wasn’t epic in the kissing or bed department.


Step back sistahs. He ain’t 2-minute instant oatmeal. Nooo this is a feast of intimacy. I just want to be touching him all the time.

Whew we have moved from tingling to throbbing just writing about it.

I ain’t kidding.

So here’s a guy who fucking not only read the Skeleton Woman chapter but almost meditated on it. A guy who makes me a goddamn yummy snack at 3 a.m. after wrapping me in his robe. A guy who I feel so comfortable with I can look him in the eye while he’s inside me. A guy who smiles back at me in the middle of hot sex.

I’m fallingggggg…

but it’s all good. I don’t feel out of control. I don’t feel obsessive and weird.

What shall we be? I don’t know. But it’s going to be important to both of us.

I think we are going to fashion a relationship that some won’t understand

-as in we may not live together… ever.

-as in we will be using the “L” word at some point fairly soon I think (Love silly heads)

-as in we will be figuring out if we are going to have an open relationship and how that would be

-as in not being jealous of the exes

-as in we will create what we want as we go.

So we don’t know. And it’s okay. We are honest, kind, respectful, authentic people who want the best for each other.

Who just had orgasmic crazy sex moments after talking about life stuffs.

Fuck yeah bitches.

I’m in.

Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com

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