Several menz checked in… and several didn’t LOL

I wonder if guys have a reminder on their phone to text “exes” once a month or every six weeks. It seems like you think they are done with ya because it’s been weeks and weeks.

Then like a realllllly slow Whac-A-Mole game they pop their head up.

And you know you just whack it with that mallet and send it down again.

Who checked in?

The Masseuse said he hoped I was well. I was on a mountain and sent a photo of the mountain to which he said – cool- yes the ever-dreaded cool. He asked when I’d be back from Seattle and I told him but I didn’t ask to hang out and neither did he. I have to return his backpack at some point soon but I could put it on his front porch because that’s how I got it.

The Photographer popped up with the effervescent, “Hope all is well.” I said I was in Seattle and he was glad I was enjoying my summer. He sent a selfie which my oldest said looked like one of the “White Man Starter Kits.” I thought I was going to cough up a lung laughing so hard. Sunglasses, backward hat, cigar and the requisite chinny hairs. I told her he is actually handsome in real life. He wants a booty call of course. I have not seen him since May. We had an epic kissing session then I went out to his place. He didn’t hate Trump. Unacceptable. He uhhh also was a great cuddler but that’s about it.

The DJ texted to say he wants to see the video I made of my YOS. I told him I don’t really like parts of my video. He still wanted it. I’m not sending it to anyone lol. I don’t mind parts of it I guess but also I don’t feel comfortable just sending it out or giving access to it on Vimeo, etc. He’s been reading this I guess as he didn’t ask how I was doing but I didn’t ask him either so tit for tat I suppose.

Who didn’t check in?

The Neighbor is still AWOL. Remember I made that funny joke about how I wasn’t Scarlett’s home for horny boys and I’d need to have as much as he had had our three times together. He didn’t respond. I said I was trying to be funny and didn’t mean to offend to which he said I didn’t. He was just busy that day. Liar. I offended him. Grow up little man. Oh well NBD.

After talking for two goddamn months on the phone and one date where he was totally into me The Teacher dropped me like a hot potato because he couldn’t call me that one Sunday night three weeks ago. He didn’t ask if my phone was dead or anything. Just the cryptic text, “Nice.” Sooooo weird. I did tell you he peed with the door open, like not a bedroom bathroom, the only bathroom in the whole house just out in the hall. I think he’s very strange. He also talked about shrooms and such. It just is so weird to me that he hasn’t said one word. Once again NBD. Later alligator.

Liberal Marine had asked to get a whiskey together way back in early June. Never heard from him to set it up which is fine. I don’t want to open that door again. I had drunk texted three exes that one night when I was with my Eva Mendez friend. Ooooops bad form. I guess.


Okay off to cook a luscious dinner for the Drummer. He’s meeting the gay bestie tonight!! Things are really great with him. I like him so very much you guys. Last night we talked on the phone for three hours. At one point we were talking about the blog. Oh lmaooooo you will love this. He jokingly said he’d like to know where Prince A lived, like he was going to rough him up. Lololoololol. {Postscript: The Drummer read this and said he was a pacifist and doesn’t rough people up. He wants to go stare him down and say, “What the fuck dude…” } Anyway we were talking about the stories and I said that at the one year point I wrote “letters” to the YOS men. You guyssssssss…

He says, “Oh good I was hoping there would be a looking back at what you thought now about things that happened.”

Shut up.

He’s not only reading because hey brownie points. He’s reading because he really does like it. And he gets it. And he WANTED to read my thoughts on what happened.

I cried.

It is so special to me.


later folks

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