Background Info

The Farm

I was married for a quarter of a century to a good ‘ol boy, a true hillbilly. It took me 10 years of marriage to get him to move his plate from the table to the counter. You got the picture? When people ask when I fell out of love I can’t think when I was in love so there’s that. 

Life number two began when I left the good ‘ol boy. I wanted a nice and easy divorce so I walked away from thousands of dollars in cows and machinery. Eh. Que sara sara. 

The Burbs

I met man number two ON MY VERY FIRST DATE after leaving the Hillbilly, smh. We met on POF let’s call him Hoppy Sporty Sport as he is a fan of TV sports and beer. I will write some pieces about that relationship but suffice it to say that we were together over five years and then he “forgot” to propose to me after we’d discussed getting engaged that year. He literally said, “Oh I forgot about that.” Yeah. So. 

Here we are. Life number three darlin’s. Holy hell. I’ve been missing out. I moved out April 19, 2019. Blog post number one begins this story of this life. I will keep this updated. It’s too much fun. 


CN: The ignorant white privileged man

Fell for the Cranky Narcissist, also known as Hinge Date #1 on this blog, and gave him my whole summer. Memorial Weekend to Labor Day. Ha. Jesus Christ bitches I’m tryna remain single for a year now. I’ve coined it the #YearofSluttery.

So I subtracted the time with CN from my year cause even though we had sex so many times I didn’t know it was possible I was only with him so that ain’t sluttery. That’s how you get April 2019 – July 2020 is one year of sluttery. Which may and most likely will continue on but we shall see!

Yasss queen.

I have many friends who are “living through me” as I trollop and slut my way through the next year and share the dirty deets here.


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Update May 2020:

I, or shall I say, COVID effectively ended the Year of Sluttery this spring. I was ready and it was in actuality a year on April 19. I’m not on any dating apps and don’t miss them… ahem right now. I’ve gotten used to being alone more and not feeling like a loser but hey the whole world is at home now so it’s a shared misery. I coined this the Year of Discovery, to move away from the apps and the sluttery and see who I am without that and NO grad classes! Thank god! I’m lonely and do look forward to meeting a sig other someday. In the meantime I’m thinking I will hang with my FWBs and no drama for the next bit. Only The Teacher is left; a 9-hour car drive away but moving to my city at the end of June 2020, he is the only relationship contender I’m talking to. You know the forced distance is really good for me actually. Oh wow here is a post isn’t it? Okay I will go write that.

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